Virtual Study Visit 2022

Day 3 - Part 2: Educational networks

1. KU Leuven Learning Lab 

* Read the mission of KU Leuven Learning Lab

* Read about the focus of this  network and how they are organised.


* Read ‘What is LESEC

3. Create a mindmap of your own educational network 

* Use a tool like Miro, Mural or another tool you use frequently. Upload afterwards a screenshot of your mindmap in this folder.

4. Ask yourself these questions:

* With which people from your institution or outside your institution do you talk about your education? 

* Make it clear whether these people are close to you or far away (that you have a lot of contact with them or more occasionally)

* Indicate with a color whether they have a lot of teaching experience (purple) or less teaching experience (yellow)

* Indicate with a color whether they belong to the same department or faculty (red). Or that they belong to another faculty or university (green).

Tip: Here you can find a simple example, but let your creativity flow!


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